Sunday, 29 April 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 24

So it's been a while since the last post, but university work should occasionally take priority over nails!

Here's Day 24 - Inspired by a Book!

I don't know why but for this challenge I chose Lord of the Flies. Not quite as feel-good and cheerful as Disney, but I thought it would be a great subject! For those of you who have read Lord of the Flies these nails hopefully explain themselves! Otherwise we hope you enjoy!

Thumb: The book's front cover
This nail is easy as pie really! Just have to have a fairly steady hand for the lettering!
1) Paint on a bright orange base coat
2) Using a yellow varnish, paint on the title - be careful to space it out properly (as I had a bit of trouble as you can see!)
3) Using a blue, paint on the snake to the left of the nail

Index Finger: Piggy!
If you have read the book, you'll know Piggy (though not a real pig) is a pretty major (and annoying) character!
1) Using a pink nail varnish, paint the bottom half of your nail, curving it slightly
2) Add the pink ears! (Much easier if you do this separately to the head to prevent any varnish spreading)
3) Using a white, paint on two circles for eyes
4) Use black outline for the rest!

Middle Finger: A desert island
The setting of the book, where it all hits the fan...
1) Using a pale (sky) blue, your whole nail
2) Use a darker blue for the sea over half of your nail
3) Using a yellow, paint on the island shape
4) Paint a tree-trunk for your palm tree
5) Paint on the leaves with a dark green!
And there you have your desert island paradise!

Ring Finger: Fire
If I remember back to the days of GCSE English, fire symbolism was VERY important in the book, so I decided to paint on the signal fire the boys make!
1) Paint on a sky blue base
2) Using a red, paint on various flame shapes
3) Once dry, use an orange over the top
4) Throw on a bit of yellow too!
5) Add the smoke!

Pinky: The conch
This is SUPPOSED to be a conch (one of those large shells you can hear the ocean in), but looks more like a peachy, pinky brown blob... I tried!
1) Paint a base coat of any colour really - white just seemed best
2) Using a light brown, paint a triangular blob on with a few sticky-outy bits
3) Use a dark brown outline for that 3D effect
3) Use a pink to draw a line indicating the inside of the shell!

What do you think? (Maybe give the last nail a miss!)



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