Sunday, 15 April 2012

More 31 Day Nail Art Challenge!

Here's Day 21 - Inspired by a Food!

This day is a new one that we've added to our challenge as we didn't have any stamping tools for the original Day 15 - Delicate Print...

Hope you like it!
As great lovers of food, we couldn't pick just one thing so decided to paint a variety of sweet treats! Omnomnom!

Now for the How-To part:

Thumb: Cupcakes
1) Start with a base coat, pastels seemed to suit this pattern best
2) Paint on the square-ish cupcake cases with any colour you fancy!
3) Add the icing to your cakes - which again can really be any colour!
4) Using a few colours you haven't already, add some sprinkles and then...
5) ...Put the cherry on top!

Index Finger: Iced Gems (a personal childhood favourite!)
1) Paint on your base coat
2) Using a light brown paint circular bases for the Gems
3) Paint stretched drops on top of the biscuit base for the Iced part
4) Add a white highlight to the left of your Gems for the extra touch! 

 Middle Finger: Gummy Bears
 Now for this finger we used an incredibly helpful tutorial from IHaveACupcake!
Check it out!

Ring Finger: Lollipop, Lollipop Oh Lolli-Lolli-Lolli Lollipop!
 1) Base coat!
2) Paint on a few lollipop sticks
3) Add your lollipop heads! Simple as that!

Pinky: Ice-cream
1) Begin with, yep you guessed it, your base coat!
2) Paint on your ice-cream cone
3) Add a few scoops of ice-cream on top! We went for the classic combo of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry  - but feel free to be more un-traditional!

And there you have it! Yum yum for my tum! Only con, it did make me want to eat all these treats every time I looked at my hands!

What do you guys reckon? 



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