Sunday, 29 April 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 24

So it's been a while since the last post, but university work should occasionally take priority over nails!

Here's Day 24 - Inspired by a Book!

I don't know why but for this challenge I chose Lord of the Flies. Not quite as feel-good and cheerful as Disney, but I thought it would be a great subject! For those of you who have read Lord of the Flies these nails hopefully explain themselves! Otherwise we hope you enjoy!

Thumb: The book's front cover
This nail is easy as pie really! Just have to have a fairly steady hand for the lettering!
1) Paint on a bright orange base coat
2) Using a yellow varnish, paint on the title - be careful to space it out properly (as I had a bit of trouble as you can see!)
3) Using a blue, paint on the snake to the left of the nail

Index Finger: Piggy!
If you have read the book, you'll know Piggy (though not a real pig) is a pretty major (and annoying) character!
1) Using a pink nail varnish, paint the bottom half of your nail, curving it slightly
2) Add the pink ears! (Much easier if you do this separately to the head to prevent any varnish spreading)
3) Using a white, paint on two circles for eyes
4) Use black outline for the rest!

Middle Finger: A desert island
The setting of the book, where it all hits the fan...
1) Using a pale (sky) blue, your whole nail
2) Use a darker blue for the sea over half of your nail
3) Using a yellow, paint on the island shape
4) Paint a tree-trunk for your palm tree
5) Paint on the leaves with a dark green!
And there you have your desert island paradise!

Ring Finger: Fire
If I remember back to the days of GCSE English, fire symbolism was VERY important in the book, so I decided to paint on the signal fire the boys make!
1) Paint on a sky blue base
2) Using a red, paint on various flame shapes
3) Once dry, use an orange over the top
4) Throw on a bit of yellow too!
5) Add the smoke!

Pinky: The conch
This is SUPPOSED to be a conch (one of those large shells you can hear the ocean in), but looks more like a peachy, pinky brown blob... I tried!
1) Paint a base coat of any colour really - white just seemed best
2) Using a light brown, paint a triangular blob on with a few sticky-outy bits
3) Use a dark brown outline for that 3D effect
3) Use a pink to draw a line indicating the inside of the shell!

What do you think? (Maybe give the last nail a miss!)



Sunday, 22 April 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 23

Feast your eyes on our Day 23 - Inspired by a Film!

Here at HanDee we absolutely love a good Disney film. Heart-warming stories, adorable characters, good morals - what's not to like?! Not to mention the incredible soundtracks! 

But anyway... the film we have chosen for this challenge is one of the more recent (yet still amazing) Disney films, Tangled!

Now for the tricky part...

Thumb: Disney Logo!
1) Paint on your background
2) Add a few large black circles for the Mickey Mouse heads
3) Add two smaller circles for the ears!

Index Finger: The Magic Flower
Now, for those who have seen the film, this needs no explaining. For everyone else: firstly, watch the film - very enjoyable! Secondly, this flower plays a pivotal role, healing with it's magic and the like...
1) Paint on a purple background
2) Using a bright yellow, paint a circle in the centre 
3) Then add your sun beams!

Middle Finger: The Lantern Scene
1) Paint your nail a lilac colour
2) Add a dark purple for the lake on the bottom half of your nail
3) Add a slightly faint sponging of a darker purple over the sky
4) Add the silhouettes of the castle and the boat with the figures on in black
5) Paint on the lanterns with a gold varnish! Magical!

I based this nail (my personal favourite) on the, quite frankly, awe-inspiring make-up of Katie Alves:
Check out her other Disney themed eye-makeup here!

Ring Finger: Pascal!
Now this didn't exactly go to plan... He looks a little more sinister and alien than the cute little chameleon from the film but I gave it a go!
1) Paint on your background
2) Using a light, but fairly bright green paint on the shape of his body and head - VERY tricky for me! Especially on the right hand!
3) Once dry, using a darker green add some outlines and detail
4) For the eyes: paint on circles of white, then brown, then black for the pupils
5) Add a little mouth and nose detail and there you have it! A small green critter that ever so slightly resembles Pascal!

Pinky: Rapunzel's blonde hair
After the disaster of the previous nail this one is a nice and easy end to the theme!
1) Paint on a gold base
2) Add however many highlights you fancy in slightly different shades of yellow and gold

Hope you like!



Thursday, 19 April 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 22

Here's our Day 22 - Inspired by a Song!

Now, being a HUGE Lady Gaga and Beyoncé fan, when I first heard they were collaborating on a song I was one happy chappy! So to commemorate this AMAZING duet, as you may have guessed, the song we were inspired by was Telephone!

If for some crazy reason you haven't heard the song, check it out here:

Now, if you haven't seen the video, these nails don't really make a lick of sense, but we hope you enjoy them anyway!


Thumb: one of Beyoncé's outfits
1) Paint on a royal blue base coat
2) Using a gold varnish, paint a thin strip on the tip of the nail
3) Then add some gold tassels running down
4) Finish off with some different colour jewel shapes!

Index Finger: one of Lady Gaga's outfits
1) Paint on a vertical yellow stripe
2) Once this has dried, paint on a few horizontal stripes - no need to be parallel!
3) Add a few black specks (which are supposed to be letters)

Middle Finger: Hello, hello baby, you called?
For this nail, I decided to go with the title of the song!
1) Paint on any colour background you fancy
2) Using a contrasting colour, paint on the phone shape, and the spirally cord coming off of it
3) Use a black varnish to do an outline

Ring Finger: The Big House 
Here we painted the setting of the video - prison. Nice and easy!
1) Paint on a white background
2) Paint on your prison bars!

And finally, the Pinky: another Gaga outfit
1) Paint half of your nail red, but with a slight diagonal slant
2) Paint on an over-lapping layer of blue
3) Then add the stars (or in this case dots) and stripes!

What do you think?



Sunday, 15 April 2012

More 31 Day Nail Art Challenge!

Here's Day 21 - Inspired by a Food!

This day is a new one that we've added to our challenge as we didn't have any stamping tools for the original Day 15 - Delicate Print...

Hope you like it!
As great lovers of food, we couldn't pick just one thing so decided to paint a variety of sweet treats! Omnomnom!

Now for the How-To part:

Thumb: Cupcakes
1) Start with a base coat, pastels seemed to suit this pattern best
2) Paint on the square-ish cupcake cases with any colour you fancy!
3) Add the icing to your cakes - which again can really be any colour!
4) Using a few colours you haven't already, add some sprinkles and then...
5) ...Put the cherry on top!

Index Finger: Iced Gems (a personal childhood favourite!)
1) Paint on your base coat
2) Using a light brown paint circular bases for the Gems
3) Paint stretched drops on top of the biscuit base for the Iced part
4) Add a white highlight to the left of your Gems for the extra touch! 

 Middle Finger: Gummy Bears
 Now for this finger we used an incredibly helpful tutorial from IHaveACupcake!
Check it out!

Ring Finger: Lollipop, Lollipop Oh Lolli-Lolli-Lolli Lollipop!
 1) Base coat!
2) Paint on a few lollipop sticks
3) Add your lollipop heads! Simple as that!

Pinky: Ice-cream
1) Begin with, yep you guessed it, your base coat!
2) Paint on your ice-cream cone
3) Add a few scoops of ice-cream on top! We went for the classic combo of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry  - but feel free to be more un-traditional!

And there you have it! Yum yum for my tum! Only con, it did make me want to eat all these treats every time I looked at my hands!

What do you guys reckon? 



Wednesday, 11 April 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge continued...

As this last batch of days is a little more complicated and needs a bit more explanation, we'll be posting one by one! 

So here's Day 20 - Inspired by a Colour

As it was super sunny, we were definitely inspired by the colour yellow for Day 20! And what better way to get in the summer spirit than with Sunflowers! Laaavely!

All you need:
2 different shades of yellow nail varnish
Any colour for your base coat (we chose a sky blue for ours)
1 brown nail varnish
1 gold nail varnish
A clear cover coat

Six easy steps to achieve this design!
1) Paint your base coat
2) Using the brown nail varnish, paint semi-circles on the bottom left-hand corners of each nail
3) While the brown is still a little wet, using your gold, paint an outline around the brown, blending the two colours slightly
4) With one of your yellows, paint fairly thin petals extending towards the edge of each nail
5) Once this layer of petals is dry, paint another layer over the top with your other shade of yellow
6) Finally, finish your design off with a clear cover coat to protect it!

And voila! A lovely summery nail art design to brighten anyone's day!