Monday, 16 July 2012

Graduation Nails...

A few days ago both me and Hannah graduated from Nottingham Uni, an emotional and epic day for all! It has been a wonderful 3 years for both of us, and now we're officially adults in the world, thinks are getting serious! However, we refuse to neglect our duties in the nail art department and in true HanDee style, I decided to do some graduation nails to top the standard manicure...

Apologies for the bad quality of the first photo, and the chipped nail in the second! You can't win 'em all! Anyway, all I did here was to paint a base of nude nail polish, paint the tips with white, use a black nail art pen to draw and fill the hat before highlighting the edges with white, and use a white nail art pen to draw the scroll before highlighting the edges with black. You might need an extra steady hand to do this but it isn't as hard as you think and well worth the reaction! 

What do you think?

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