Tuesday, 29 May 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 29

Ok, so if the last post was long, this one is CRAZY long! So now it's Day 29 - Inspired by the Supernatural!

Now it was back to my childhood with these nails and I loved every minute down memory lane! As it's nowhere near Halloween I tried to make the nails as anti-Halloweeny as possible while sticking with the theme so here are Scooby-Doo nails!

I decided to alternate Scooby gang and villain on my nails to make it more interesting! Some of these were pretty darn tricky (so be prepared for some time-consuming work!) but on the whole I hope they came out alright! 

Left hand:

Thumb: Scooby-Doo logo
1) Paint on a pale blue background
2) Using a bright yellow, paint on an 'S' and a 'D'
3) Use a black nail art pen to do an outline!

Index Finger: Fred
1) Using a black nail art pen, draw the outline of Freddie's head - I started with an oval shape then drew the hair outline
2) So once that's done, fill in the hair with a nice pale yellow
3) If you fancy/have enough room, add some collar detail in pail blue
4) Finally add facial deets: eyes, eyebrows, nose and a mouth! Here I tried to add teeth but they didn't come out too well!

Middle Finger: The Ghost Clown
1) Start off with a white oval base for the clown's face paint - once dry, follow this with the black details: hat, triangle-shaped eyes and the outline of the mouth
2) Move on to filling in some detail now - the nose (which I forgot to do an early outline of) and mouth with a pinky colour
3) Using a bright yellow, fill in an area of the eyes making sure to leave a black outline
4) Add the bright red hair under the cap

Ring Finger: Daphne
1) Similarly to Fred, use a black nail art pen to do the facial outline - an oval shape again and then her voluminous hair! For Daphne though remember to do an outline of her signature purple headband!
2) Fill in the hair with an orange
3) Paint on the headband
4) Add facial detail - eyes (the flicks here are supposed to be eyelashes), nose, and girly lips (I tried to fill in some detail for lipstick but it sort of smudged making her seem very moody!)

Pinky: Charlie the Funland Robot
1) Add the head outline - a sort of helmet and chin strap
2) Add black filled-in circles for the eyes
3) Fill in the detail of the robot helmet thingy
4) Use a yellow pen to give the eyes that eerie glow!

Right hand:

Thumb: Scooby-Doo 
1) Again, you need a black outline for Scooby's head. Miraculously, I did this on my first try! Start with a thick-ish neck shape, add two small ears and finish with his muzzle, filling in his nose 
2) Using a brown, fill in Scooby's head!
3) Using a pink paint the inside of the ear, and using the black, add a few dots by his nose
4) Finish off with his eyes: paint on small white ovals. Once dry paint on the black pupils. Finish off with some eyebrows!

Index Finger: The Creeper
1) Paint on a pale green base for the face - but in a short of skull shape as his head isn't oval. Also add the reddy-brown hair
2) Using a black, add the outlines of the hair, and face. Add a couple of black lines for cheek detail. Also, using a pale yellow, add two small ovals for the Creeper's eyes
3) Back to black with this step: add the pupils to the eyes, the eyebrows and a small round filled-in circle for the mouth
4) Finish off with some detail for his bizarrely square shoulders in dark green!

Middle Finger: Shaggy
Only three easy steps this time!
1) Firstly paint on the outline for the head and hair (I didn't really space Shaggy out enough here so his face is a little squished and doesn't have room for his funny little goatee stubble)
2) Add a gold or dark yellow for his hair
3) Using a black add his eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth

Ring Finger: The Ghost of Captain Cutler
1) Using a pale yellow, paint on a round head with a small bit jutting out at the top
2) Using a silver or grey paint, add the detail around the of his old school diving suit. Also, using a light blue, paint on the little window of the suit
3) Finish of with a silver or grey outline around the window, and then some seaweed hanging off his head

Pinky: Velma
Aka 'The Fly' 
1) Now this one is easily the worst with the pinky nail being too tiny to paint a proper face on! Start again with an outline in black - Velma's is pretty similar to Shaggy's
2) Fill in her dark red hair
3) Add the details of her mouth and glasses
4) As all the black details were running together I painted the glass in Velma's frames a light blue then added black pupils - making her look like a little fly

As you can see, I had a little trouble with facial detail - especially on Velma! Definitely something to work on in the future!




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