Monday, 2 July 2012

Pop Art Nails...

So far on HanDee Nail Tips we've shown you some pretty intricate designs, which most people have said they would find hard to do. Today I thought I'd experiment and try something a little easier. All you have to do for these nails is:

1) Choose a base colour to paint all your nails

2) Choose another colour/two colours to paint the tips

3) Draw on white polka dots randomly, using a nail art pen

4) Draw on random patterns at the tips, using a black nail art pen

Although I didn't set out to do pop art nails, when they were done it reminded me of that kind of style, so there you have it! Some simple pop art nail art! 

Apologies for the lack of step by step pictures - next time I will definitely remember to photograph as I go. 

Do any of you have a style you want to challenge us with? We're ready to try anything!