Sunday, 22 April 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 23

Feast your eyes on our Day 23 - Inspired by a Film!

Here at HanDee we absolutely love a good Disney film. Heart-warming stories, adorable characters, good morals - what's not to like?! Not to mention the incredible soundtracks! 

But anyway... the film we have chosen for this challenge is one of the more recent (yet still amazing) Disney films, Tangled!

Now for the tricky part...

Thumb: Disney Logo!
1) Paint on your background
2) Add a few large black circles for the Mickey Mouse heads
3) Add two smaller circles for the ears!

Index Finger: The Magic Flower
Now, for those who have seen the film, this needs no explaining. For everyone else: firstly, watch the film - very enjoyable! Secondly, this flower plays a pivotal role, healing with it's magic and the like...
1) Paint on a purple background
2) Using a bright yellow, paint a circle in the centre 
3) Then add your sun beams!

Middle Finger: The Lantern Scene
1) Paint your nail a lilac colour
2) Add a dark purple for the lake on the bottom half of your nail
3) Add a slightly faint sponging of a darker purple over the sky
4) Add the silhouettes of the castle and the boat with the figures on in black
5) Paint on the lanterns with a gold varnish! Magical!

I based this nail (my personal favourite) on the, quite frankly, awe-inspiring make-up of Katie Alves:
Check out her other Disney themed eye-makeup here!

Ring Finger: Pascal!
Now this didn't exactly go to plan... He looks a little more sinister and alien than the cute little chameleon from the film but I gave it a go!
1) Paint on your background
2) Using a light, but fairly bright green paint on the shape of his body and head - VERY tricky for me! Especially on the right hand!
3) Once dry, using a darker green add some outlines and detail
4) For the eyes: paint on circles of white, then brown, then black for the pupils
5) Add a little mouth and nose detail and there you have it! A small green critter that ever so slightly resembles Pascal!

Pinky: Rapunzel's blonde hair
After the disaster of the previous nail this one is a nice and easy end to the theme!
1) Paint on a gold base
2) Add however many highlights you fancy in slightly different shades of yellow and gold

Hope you like!



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  1. This is great! I also chose rapunzel as my inspired by a movie nails. Its my daughters favorite :-)