Saturday, 19 May 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 28

So Day 28 is Inspired by a Flag. Rather than be repetitive I decided to do 10 different flags of the top 10 countries I'd like to visit!

All these nails are easy as pie really, just simple backgrounds and a steady hand for some detail!

Left Hand:

Thumb: Guyana
1) Dark green background
2) Paint on a yellow isosceles (haven't said that since GCSE!) triangle
3) Paint a smaller red triangle at the base of your nail inside the yellow
4) Add a white outline to the yellow triangle, and a black one to the red triangle... and done! Nice, bright and easy!

Index Finger: China
1) Paint on a red background
2) Using a yellow, paint a large star at the bottom left of your nail, then four smaller stars around it - I only painted dots for the smaller stars as the brush was a little too big!

Middle Finger: Egypt
1) Paint on a white background
2) Paint a black strip at the bottom of the flag
3) Now paint a red one at the top
4) Now the Eagle (of Saladin) was very tricky! On my nail it just sort of looks like a golden blob, but you get the gist!

Ring Finger: New Zealand
1) Use a blue for the flag background
2) Paint on some red stars to the right of the flag (again mine just look like blobs I'm afraid!)
3) Paint a mini Union Jack flag in the top left-hand side of the flag: paint a small red cross first, then use a white for the diagonal stripes on the flag

Pinky: Italy
1) Paint on a white background
2) Paint a green stripe at the bottom of your nail
3) Finally paint on a red stripe at the top!

Right Hand: 

Thumb: USA
1) Paint a white background
2) Paint a blue square at the top right-hand corner of your nail
3) Add some small white stars (dots!) on the blue 
4) Finish off with the stripes!

Index Finger: India
1) Paint on your white background (yet again!)
2) Paint on an orange stripe at the top of your flag
3) Paint a parallel green stripe at the bottom
4) Add the Ashok Chakra (24-spoke wheel) in the middle in blue - I tried so very hard to try to make the wheel work but it became a blob again!

Middle Finger: Brazil
1) Paint on your green background
2) Paint on a yellow diamond shape
3) Add a blue filled-in circle in the middle of the diamond
4) Finish off with a white band diagonally over the blue

Ring Finger: Greece
1) Another white background!
2) Paint on a blue small square on the top left of the flag
3) Paint on some blue stripes
4) Finish off with the white cross on the blue square

Pinky: Japan
1) Ok, so last nail and last white base coat!
2) Then add your red dot in the middle! Easiest flag ever!

Apologies for the lengthy post!!



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