Wednesday, 11 April 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge continued...

As this last batch of days is a little more complicated and needs a bit more explanation, we'll be posting one by one! 

So here's Day 20 - Inspired by a Colour

As it was super sunny, we were definitely inspired by the colour yellow for Day 20! And what better way to get in the summer spirit than with Sunflowers! Laaavely!

All you need:
2 different shades of yellow nail varnish
Any colour for your base coat (we chose a sky blue for ours)
1 brown nail varnish
1 gold nail varnish
A clear cover coat

Six easy steps to achieve this design!
1) Paint your base coat
2) Using the brown nail varnish, paint semi-circles on the bottom left-hand corners of each nail
3) While the brown is still a little wet, using your gold, paint an outline around the brown, blending the two colours slightly
4) With one of your yellows, paint fairly thin petals extending towards the edge of each nail
5) Once this layer of petals is dry, paint another layer over the top with your other shade of yellow
6) Finally, finish your design off with a clear cover coat to protect it!

And voila! A lovely summery nail art design to brighten anyone's day!




  1. Beautiful! My fav so far. Yellow its one of my own inspired colors, but yet I rarely use it