Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympics Nails #2

So I wasn't too sure how the Opening Ceremony would turn out but I thought it was FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! Good job all round! So... going from a Doubting Thomas to a Keeno Chris (OK, so I may have made this last one up) this post is dedicated to the London Opening Ceremony!!!

Dee is currently actually working at the games and for some CRAZY reason the staff aren't allowed to wear nail varnish, so I'm taking the reins at the moment! Hope you like!
Thumb: Olympic Rings
1) Paint on a white background
2) Get a blue, black, red, yellow and green nail art pen and paint on small circular rings (unfortunately mine went a bit wonky!)
3) To finish off, I added '2012' at the bottom

Index Finger: Poppy Field
1) Paint on a pale blue background for the sky
2) Using a dark green nail varnish and a sponge, apply a layer of dark green on to the top half of your nail
3) Do the same with light green
4) Using the 2 green shades, draw a few vertical lines for more prominent blades of grass
5) Paint on a few red blobs
6) Add black dots to the centre of a couple of the blobs

Middle Finger: The Olympic Torch
1) Using a gold nail varnish, paint on a tilted rectangle at the top of your nail
2) Use red, orange and yellow nail art pens to create the fire
3) Using a brown nail art pen, paint on the outline detail of the torch

Ring Finger: Mary Poppins!
1) Use a sponge to apply the twilight background with dark blue and purple
2) VERY CAREFULLY paint on a Mary Poppins silhouette! Don't forget her trademark umbrella and bag!

Pinky: Union Jack
1) Paint a white background
2) Using a red nail art pen paint on the cross 
3) Using a dark blue paint on the extra little bits
Apologies for how messy this nail is! I found my pinky just too small!

What do you think? Have you guys noticed all the Olympic-themed nail art that a lot of the female athletes are sporting? Which have been your favourite?

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