Friday, 16 March 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge

So, being not-so-productive in the student lives we lead, we have decided instead to focus on something truly important... experimenting with as many different nail art styles and colours as possible! And what better way to properly break in the nail art pens than to take on the mammoth challenge of 31 different nail art styles in 31 days? 

Here's the list!

Day 1 - Red
Day 2 - Orange
Day 3 - Yellow
Day 4 - Green
Day 5 - Blue
Day 6 - Purple
Day 7 - Rainbow
Day 8 - Black and White

Day 9 - Metallic
Day 10 - Gradient
Day 11 - Polka Dots
Day 12 - Stripes
Day 13 - Animal Print
Day 14 - Floral Print
Day 15 - Tribal Print
Day 16 - Glitter
Day 17 - Half Moons
Day 18 - Galaxies
Day 19 - Water Marbled

Day 20 - Inspired by a colour
Day 21 - Inspired by a food
Day 22 - Inspired by a song
Day 23 - Inspired by a film
Day 24 - Inspired by a book
Day 25 - Inspired by fashion
Day 26 - Inspired by a pattern
Day 27 - Inspired by artwork
Day 28 - Inspired by a flag
Day 29 - Inspired by the supernatural
Day 30 - Inspired by a tutorial

And finally, Day 31 - re-create your favourite challenge!

To start off with, here are the first 8 days. Apologies for the quality of the first 6 photos!

Day 1 - Red
Simple, and a good way to ease yourself into the challenge - it only gets tougher from here!
All you need is a white nail varnish and a red nail art pen, and the rest is self-explanatory!

Day 2 - Orange
Deciding to take it up a notch now with tiger print!
You need: white nail varnish, orange nail varnish, a black nail art pen and a small piece of sponge.
Easy peasy really! Paint a white base coat, then, using the sponge, dab orange varnish over most of your nail, then finish with black stripes coming from either side! Easy Tiger!

Day 3 - Yellow
BANANARAMA! Though they may not look like it, these are in fact bananas on a blue background.
For this one you'll need a contrasting base coat, a black nail art pen, and if you're feeling particularly arty, TWO different shades of yellow nail art pens.
After you have your base coat down and dry, paint semicircles of the darker yellow. The next step is the paler yellow, to highlight. Then finally, there's the banana outline and hey presto, you're done!

Day 4 - Green
Feeling a manicure with a colour twist here...
Two different shades of green, simples. 

Day 5 - Blue
It was a particularly sunny day, so decided to match the weather!
Paint yourself a blue sky base coat, and then add white fluffy clouds with a white nail art pen! And if you're feeling particularly sunny, add yourself  some small rays of sunshine on the thumb!

Day 6 - Purple
You need a fairly steady hand for this one!
We used three different shades of purple, one for the base coat and 2  for the square outlines.

Day 7 - Rainbow
This is a personal favourite, being so bright and cheerful!
Red and yellow and pink and green... Well, you get the idea. Take care not to paint the early stripes too large or else there won't be enough room for poor purple on the end...

Day 8 - Black and White
There's nothing cuter or girlier than bows, so I decided to use this design to finish off the colour phase of the Challenge!
These are crazy easy, after the base coat is on, paint a small circle in the top corner of your nails. Follow this with 2 bow-looking blobs either side. Voila!

Stay tuned for the next batch!



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